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Affiliate Leadership

·Affiliate Leadership



President: Katherine Rushfirth, term expires 2019

Vice-President: Ruth Peterle-Durecterm expires 2018

Secretary: Lillian Siegel, term expires 2020

Treasurer: Linda Dorflinger, term expires 2020

Student Representative: Rita Testa



Diversity and Inclusion: Joelle Leacock 

Public Relations/Media/Our Moment of Truth: Sole Diaz

Billing/Insurance: Julie Mottl-Santiago

Hospital Policies, Credentialing, and Bylaws: Julie Paul

Affiliate Legislative Chair: Kate Green 

Health Policy Analyst: Milree Keeling MS, FACNM, BCSI, website

Membership: Esther Hausman

Nominating Committee:

Michele Helgeson term expires 2019

Julie Paul, term expires 2018

Jean McBarron, term expires 2020


Representing the Affiliate

Partners in Perinatal Health: Sharon Mullen

Perinatal Advisory Committee: Julie Mottl-Santiago

Maternal Mortality Review Committee: Ruth Keen

MMS Maternal and Perinatal Welfare Committee: Michele Helgeson and Linda Anne L’abbe

Women Infants and Children (WIC) Advisory Board: Katherine Rushfirth

Committee to manage the implementation of the Postpartum depression Bill: Mary Liz Gamache

Massachusetts Action Coalition (MAAC) APRN Subcommittee: Ruth Peterle-Dzurec, Tina Zannieri, Kathryn Kravetz Carr

Massachusetts Midwives Alliance: Danielle Nazarenko 


Board of Registered Nursing Member: Margaret Beal

ACNM Region I Representative: Anna Gibeau 

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