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Legislation to increase consumer choice of certified nurse-midwifery services:

Bill H.939 would require insurers in the state of Massachusetts, including managed care plans, to recognize nurse-midwives as primary care providers and cover the primary care services provided by nurse-midwives. This bill is needed to preserve consumer access to primary care services for women by nurse-midwives, especially in light of the current shortage of primary care providers in the state.  See the ACNM Position Statement "Midwives are Primary Care Providers and Leaders of Maternity Care Homes." Read more about the consumer choice legislation here.

o Legislation to remove supervisory language of certified nurse-midwifery practice:

This bill was signed into law in February 2012. MA ACNM presented testimony supporting new draft regulations before the Board of Registration in Nursing in August 2013 and regulations were finalized in August 2014. Read more at In The News. Medical facilities and insurers are encouraged to update bylaws and policies to provide the best access to midwifery care by women across the Commonwealth. Read more at Credentialing and Medical Staff Privileging. 


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