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2012- A new life as a Mass Midwife

May 21, 2012

One year ago, my husband and I packed everything we owned into our cars and Pods, pointed our cars in the direction of the rising sun and headed east. As the Rocky Mountains faded slowly behind us, we both wondered what life was going to be like in the Great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We were moving from Denver to Boston, so that my OB/GYN husband could start a fellowship at Boston Medical Center.

       After the thirty plus hour drive, and settling into our home new we both started our new jobs. I recall wondering about midwifery styles and practices here on the east coast. I had come from an out-of-hospital birthing center in Denver, and was to be starting a position with the Midwives at Mount Auburn in Cambridge.

         My first day at the Mount was exciting, yet confusing. The lovely nurse that I was working with asked if the patient we were caring for was "Fuh-lly." I remember thinking "full of what?" I had never heard this term in OB before. My next thought was that perhaps the nurse was indicating that she needed a "foley" in her thick Boston accent. No, no, that could be it the woman was having an unmedicated birth. As I tried to piece the puzzle together, I realized that another patient was "fully dilated." A-ha! This was east coast code for 10cm of dilation! (In Denver, the patient is referred to as “complete” when they are 10cm.)

     After learning the east coast code words for OB, life became much easier. I have been so fortunate to be at Mount Auburn surrounded by caring, dedicated, and kind nurses, midwives and physicians. Although I was initially nervous about returning to the hospital setting, I saw that normal, natural birth can happen in the hospital. At the Partners in Perinatal Health Conference last week, I was amazed to see all the birth professionals from all over New England come together. I was so proud to be working in this field. Over the last year I have to come to see that the future is bright for midwifery, all across the United States!

Laura Kattan

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